Friday, April 1, 2016

Adopt-A-Stream - Just One of the Ways Sam's Xpress® Conserves Water!

You may know that Sam’s Xpress® is dedicated to water conservation and participates in the Water Savers Program at all of our car wash locations, but did you know that we dedicate ourselves to helping with other local water saving efforts, too? One of the ways which we have chosen to help locally is by volunteering with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Adopt-A-Stream program. We have been volunteering our time and resources to help keep Four-9 stream in Matthews, North Carolina, a safe and clean place for animals, people, and the environment for the past three years!

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Adopt-A-Stream program is a great way for any group to give back and become active in the community. Scheduling a clean-up is easy and participating in this program helps keep the over 2,000 miles of streams in Mecklenburg County clean and beautiful. Who doesn’t love a clean community? By having volunteer groups, like our employees, in and around the streams, the county can also more easily stay abreast of water pollution and other problems affecting water quality and the overall environment.
This opportunity, which is just one of the programs provided by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services, even provides volunteers with hip waders, litter grabbers, gloves, and trash bags! Supplies for up to ten volunteers are available to those groups who schedule ahead of time and request these items.

Participation in this program allows us to further commit to two of our biggest priorities: conserving water and giving back to our local communities, by helping to rid local streams of litter and debris. Employees from our various locations and our corporate staff (including our own COO!) volunteer their time twice a year to help keep our community waterways clean. We love the chance to get together as a team to provide a service for the community and spend some time together outside of the offices and car wash sites. Small groups of around 8 Sam’s Xpress employees suit up in the hip waders provided by the Adopt-A-Stream Program and commit to cleaning sections of our designated stream. Through our efforts, we are typically able to remove several garbage bags full of refuse and/or large items found in and around the stream. Through the commitment of groups like us, around 130 stream clean ups removing more than 9 tons of garbage, were completed in Mecklenburg County over the past year! This means preservation of one our most precious natural resources and good feelings all around! We will be continuing our efforts as we grow into new markets, such as our expansion to the Raleigh, NC area later this year. You can find more information here:


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