Friday, August 29, 2014

Travel Safe this Holiday Weekend!

Sam's Xpress Car Wash wants to recognize all the hard working men and women out there (with a big thanks to our workers at Sam's Xpress, ya'll rock!).

So let's remember what Labor Day means this holiday season:

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Also, because we care about your safety here are some helpful reminders from AAA (

Are you and your family planning to drive to a holiday get-together this year? Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s cottage or a favorite vacation spot to celebrate holidays with family or friends, AAA has simple tips to help make your drive a smooth one, so you can arrive at your destination safely and without incident.
  • Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. If maintenance is not up to date, have your car and tires inspected before you take a long drive.
  • Map your route in advance and be prepared for busy roads during the most popular times of the year. If possible, consider leaving earlier or later to avoid heavy traffic.
  • Keep anything of value in the trunk or covered storage area.
  • If you’re traveling with children, remind them not to talk to strangers. Go with them on bathroom breaks and give them whistles to be used only if the family gets separated.
  • Have roadside assistance contact information on hand, in case an incident occurs on the road.
  • In case of an emergency, keep a cell phone and charger with you at all times. AAA and many other companies offer smartphone applications that enable motorists to request help without making a phone call.
With a little prep, you can leave the road-trip stress at home and enjoy your holiday with family and friends.

Also, here are 20 safe traveling tips from

Top 20 Safe Driving Tips
Hitting the road on your next trip? Whether you're heading to Grandma's with the kids or hitting Route 66 for a cross-country jaunt, don't leave home without our tried and tested driving tips. Read on to learn more about avoiding traffic, saving money, and staying safe (and staying awake!) on your next road trip.

1. Before beginning a long drive, always get enough sleep and eat something before you go. Highly caffeinated beverages are not necessarily the best way to stay awake while driving. While initially you will feel more alert, the effects can recede with time, and your attention may wander although you remain awake.

2. Pull over and take breaks every couple of hours, even if you don't feel sleepy. Grab a snack, get some fresh air, and stretch your legs by walking around. If you need to, take a quick nap.

3. If you can, share the driving responsibilities with someone else. This will allow you to keep an eye on each other while driving and also enable you to nap without losing time. If you're driving alone, turn on the radio or put on some music, and keep your window cracked open. You may also want to refrain from using your cruise control if you're driving alone at night -- having to concentrate on maintaining your speed can help you stay awake.

4. If you do have to pull over, move your vehicle off the road. Never park on the shoulder or in the breakdown lane for any reason except an emergency.

5. Know the laws along your route concerning cell phone use while driving. While it may be legal in one place, it may be illegal in another, and ignorance is not typically an acceptable excuse for a violation. Here's a handy chart of cell phone laws by state (keep in mind that this information can change at any time). However, even if it's legal to talk on a cell phone where you're going, it's usually safest to use a hands-free device.

6. If you don't know this one, shame on you. Never drink any alcohol before your trip. While you may not become intoxicated from one beer, you will become sleepy.

7. Keep an eye on the skies, and if you can, plan a route around inclement weather. A minor detour could actually wind up saving you major time.

8. Search the Web for traffic update sites and listen to radio traffic alerts, especially when approaching major cities. If you don't have a smartphone, all-news stations on the AM dial are often your best bet.

9. Not even a GPS unit is infallible, so we recommend bringing a detailed map or road atlas as a backup just in case. A mapping app on your smartphone is another must-have for long road trips.

10. If you are driving a rental vehicle, familiarize yourself with the car and all of its equipment (horn, brakes, hazard lights). For an amusing but true look at this issue, see The First 10 Minutes of Your Car Rental.

11. Lock all of your valuables (especially items that are clearly gifts) in the trunk or glove compartment and stow all luggage in the trunk. For more ideas, see Nine Ways to Keep Your Car Safe on the Road.

12. Familiarize yourself with local traffic laws, which vary from state to state and especially overseas. Is it legal to make a right turn at a red light? What are the rules on yielding to pedestrians? For more on international car travel, see Renting a Car Abroad.

13. Before setting off on a long car trip, be sure your vehicle is in prime condition -- that tires are properly inflated, all fluids are at their proper levels and you have a full tank of gas. (For particularly long road trips, you may want to have your mechanic do a more thorough check.)

14. Consider becoming a member of AAA or signing up for your car insurer's roadside assistance program. You won't regret it when your car breaks down on a lonely back road.

15. Keep costs down by conserving gas as you drive. Minimize sudden starts and stops, empty your car of all unnecessary weight, and slow down -- it takes much less fuel to drive 55 miles an hour than it does to drive 70. For more ideas, see Save Gas and Money.

16. Don't wait until your gas gauge is sitting on E to refuel. On an unfamiliar road, you never know when the next gas station will appear. As soon as you hit a quarter of a tank, start looking for a place to fill up.

17. When traveling with kids, be sure to stop often -- not just for snacks and potty breaks, but also for fun. See a cool playground along the way? Pull over and throw a Frisbee around. You'll also want to pack toys, books and music for the car -- not to mention your motion sickness remedy of choice. For more ideas, see Family Car Travel.

18. Feeling munchy? Stock up on snacks and drinks at grocery stores rather than gas stations or convenience stores -- you'll get a wider and healthier selection, as well as better prices. For more advice, see Eating Well and Staying Active.

19. On longer trips, keep napkins, plasticware and a small cooler handy for meals on the go. You'll also want some spare change for tolls, as well as a first-aid kit, flashlight, pillow and blanket. Keep a set of jumper cables, a spare tire or donut, and extra fluids for the car (such as windshield wiper fluid) in your trunk.

20. This last tip should go without saying, but it's important enough that we'll say it anyway: Make sure everyone in the car buckles his or her seatbelt. Not only will it keep you safe, but in many places it's also the law.

Remember stay safe this Holiday weekend, but most importantly eat lots of food, get lots of sun, and have fun!!

Signing off- Xpress safely

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taking water in our hands!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the below video:

Could you imagine having to walk 3 miles a day for clean water? We can't, so Sam's Xpress Car Wash is taking a stand.

How is Sam's Xpress Car Wash helping?Continue to read the programs that we are working with to help save the water crisis, and also learn how YOU can help too.

We are now part of the Water Savers Program (click the link for more detailed information on the program and tips for you as the consumer). To be a part of the Water Savers program, your car wash has to meet certain water saving guidelines (Water Savers Criteria). We only use about 12 gallons of fresh water per car- which means, 90% of our water is recycled (to meet Water Savers Criteria, you have to use an average of 40 gallons of fresh water per car, we are almost triple the amount)!

Sam's Xpress Car Wash continues to make a conscious effort in helping our environment by joining the adopt-a-stream program. We are working with the county to keep the streams clean and safe. Our corporate team will have it's first clean up day on August 28th, 2014, so stay tuned for pictures and news on how it went! For more information visit the website at Adopt-A-Stream.

Now the important questions is, how can YOU help?!

Did you know that it's better to wash your car at the car wash, rather at home? Check out this article At Home Vs. Automated; you'll be shocked by the numbers!

Enjoy washing your vehicle/s at home? Follow these simple steps from the Maryland Department of Environment to help:
1. Wash your vehicle on the grass, not on pavement
2. Use a bucket of soapy water
3. Rinse with a hose that has an automatic shut-off nozzle
4. Consider going to a commercial car wash

Sam's Xpress Car Wash is always thinking of ways to better the environment and help the efforts in clean water. Our next projects include work with and

Signing off- water care, we care

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stuck in the office on a sunny day?!

According to an article in Business Insider, "workplace productivity drops about 20% during the summer months." Summer Destroys Workplace Productivity

Which "blues" are you? Are you a part of the 20%?!

The winter blues....

The "just my luck" blues...

The guilty blues...

We, of course, had to ask our car wash crew!! Can you guess when our car wash crew is least productive??

Yup! you guessed it....SUMMER TIME! Good thing our crew won't melt : P

Hope you enjoyed our second blog addition! Just remember...tomorrow is FRIDAY :)

-Signing off as: the weather blues 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What do you think?

As a company, you want to make sure you are keeping your customers informed-not only about services or products you offer, but about what else is going on in the industry and what would impact your customers daily lives.

So how do you do media? word of mouth? signage? website?

Sam's Xpress Car Wash is going to keep you informed and we are going to do it in the most interesting, fun, way possible! We will tell you the latest news and gossip in the car industry, but also add in some daily life tips and views.

In this first addition we want to show you some cool things that are out there:

Do you believe a car can clean itself?!  Watch this video from Nissan.

Ok, so we see that mud and water can repel off the paint, but what about bugs or bird droppings?!  :)

As a car wash company it is hard to believe that there is a paint that "keeps clean," but its pretty amazing what an innovative mind and technology can do! Of course, in our minds a car will always need a car wash :)

So, what about the new "SHIFT"?-I hear its good for the environment?

Shift Car Concept

Or the Google Car?!-a car that will drive itself?! hmmmmmm...

What about a bear in your car?! ahhhhh!!!!!

Bear In Car - Image

Speaking of bears...have you seen our logo?! Yes, it's a bear!-Word on the street is that it could be a squirrel or a chipmunk?! hmm maybe that will be our next blog...who is the bear?

Signing off-

The car that will always have a bear for a passenger!