Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What do you think?

As a company, you want to make sure you are keeping your customers informed-not only about services or products you offer, but about what else is going on in the industry and what would impact your customers daily lives.

So how do you do that....social media? word of mouth? signage? website?

Sam's Xpress Car Wash is going to keep you informed and we are going to do it in the most interesting, fun, way possible! We will tell you the latest news and gossip in the car industry, but also add in some daily life tips and views.

In this first addition we want to show you some cool things that are out there:

Do you believe a car can clean itself?!  Watch this video from Nissan.

Ok, so we see that mud and water can repel off the paint, but what about bugs or bird droppings?!  :)

As a car wash company it is hard to believe that there is a paint that "keeps clean," but its pretty amazing what an innovative mind and technology can do! Of course, in our minds a car will always need a car wash :)

So, what about the new "SHIFT"?-I hear its good for the environment?

Shift Car Concept

Or the Google Car?!-a car that will drive itself?! hmmmmmm...

What about a bear in your car?! ahhhhh!!!!!

Bear In Car - Image

Speaking of bears...have you seen our logo?! Yes, it's a bear!-Word on the street is that it could be a squirrel or a chipmunk?! hmm maybe that will be our next blog...who is the bear?

Signing off-

The car that will always have a bear for a passenger!

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