Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Taking water in our hands!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch the below video:

Could you imagine having to walk 3 miles a day for clean water? We can't, so Sam's Xpress Car Wash is taking a stand.

How is Sam's Xpress Car Wash helping?Continue to read the programs that we are working with to help save the water crisis, and also learn how YOU can help too.

We are now part of the Water Savers Program (click the link for more detailed information on the program and tips for you as the consumer). To be a part of the Water Savers program, your car wash has to meet certain water saving guidelines (Water Savers Criteria). We only use about 12 gallons of fresh water per car- which means, 90% of our water is recycled (to meet Water Savers Criteria, you have to use an average of 40 gallons of fresh water per car, we are almost triple the amount)!

Sam's Xpress Car Wash continues to make a conscious effort in helping our environment by joining the adopt-a-stream program. We are working with the county to keep the streams clean and safe. Our corporate team will have it's first clean up day on August 28th, 2014, so stay tuned for pictures and news on how it went! For more information visit the website at Adopt-A-Stream.

Now the important questions is, how can YOU help?!

Did you know that it's better to wash your car at the car wash, rather at home? Check out this article At Home Vs. Automated; you'll be shocked by the numbers!

Enjoy washing your vehicle/s at home? Follow these simple steps from the Maryland Department of Environment to help:
1. Wash your vehicle on the grass, not on pavement
2. Use a bucket of soapy water
3. Rinse with a hose that has an automatic shut-off nozzle
4. Consider going to a commercial car wash

Sam's Xpress Car Wash is always thinking of ways to better the environment and help the efforts in clean water. Our next projects include work with and

Signing off- water care, we care

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